Who’s your Daddy?

Happy Father’s Day, Readers.  That’s right, I’m celebrating the Hallmark holiday dedicated to dads, even though effectively, I don’t have one and neither do my kids.  Don’t worry, this is not to be a sour post—no.  This is to be an uplifting post.  (Rumor has it I can pull those off every now and again.)

Bruce Feiler has written a beautiful and deeply inspiring little book called The Council of Dads. Feiler discovered he had cancer and worried over the futures of his young daughters.  He set out to establish a support structure for them in his potential absence.  He asked six men to commit to involving themselves in his daughters’ lives, to be members of his Council of Dads.

Feiler’s story has inspired many people to form their own Councils, and we aren’t to be left out.  This morning, the chair of ours came over to the boys’ “Diner” where they made and served him coffee and wished him a Happy Father’s Day.

Though our Council is less formal than Feiler’s, we talk openly about who each child’s individual council members are, who they can turn to, and how to nurture those relationships.  So on this Father’s Day, I want to extend my family’s appreciation and well-wishes to all those who have shared in the fathering and who have generously offered their friendship, mentoring, and kindness.  Happy Father’s Day to Andrew, to Jim, and to Stephen, and to our adopted grandfather, Jim.  Happy Father’s Day to the men in our church and our school communities who show my children, especially my boys how men are supposed to stand up, to parent, to treat others, and to be in the world.  Your kindness is a blessing to me and to my children and we are all better for it—Thank you.

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