A meaningful life: Reflections on the work of Dr. Brené Brown

Dr. Brown has looked deeply at the matter of connection and she has put up some important sign posts on the road to human fulfillment. She has also identified some of the monsters we meet along the way including the biggest, ugliest one of all. You know her name, Readers, it’s shame…. our fear of disconnection, our fear that there is something about us that will give others cause to reject us, to deem us unworthy. [...]

An open letter to the men of the Mens Rights Movement

I understand that many of you are the way you are because you yourself were victims, probably in childhood, possibly at the hands of your mothers whom you may still believe never loved you. It’s heart-rending, but you are grown men now, and responsible for your own choices. You can choose to perpetuate a tragic cycle or you can choose otherwise. [...]

Snapshots from a busy week

Hope has been crowned. Let’s hope her reign is a long one. [...]


“This lady doesn’t need a silly old boyfriend.” [...]