Laugh today

This post was written specifically for the amusement of my darling daughter on her sixteenth birthday, which is today.

The most outrageous and/or amusing search terms used to find this site since its inception (with commentary or as my daughter would term it, snark):

“embarrassed daughter sex” — (Many pages into the search you’ll find the post Condom. I’m sorry, Darling Daughter.)

“big dick boyfriend stories eunuch” —What the…?  (This is not a porn site.)

“my mother adore my big cock” —(Really, this is not a porn site.) I hope the poor searcher has plenty of college money because he’ll be needing it for therapy.

“divorcée spanked by mother-in-law” —Ummmm?  (REALLY, this is NOT a porn site!)

“society supports women in divorce: why” —Only the members of the Mens Right’s Movement would question the support of women in divorce.  Oh, hello, boys.

“should I date a divorcée?” —I’m just going to answer that question:  No. Yes. No. Maybe. How much do you like her?

“bitter divorce jokes about husbands” —I wonder if the searcher found this dark, boo-worthy gem:

Q.  What is the difference between divorce and circumcision?
A.  With divorce you get rid of the entire prick.

“glenn beck personality disorder” —That one comes up frequently.  Apparently I’m not the only one concerned with the conservative commentator’s mental health.

“my daughter lives with my ex wife and my daughter rarely visits should i just forget about her” —Is this a question a father should really be asking the internet? (I’ll answer on behalf of us all:  NO.)

“she makes 70000 i make 15000 why am i paying child support” —This searcher would have done better to use the search term “help wanted.”

“things to email to an ex” — How about scans of those compromising photographs found in the attic?

“things to mail to an ex” —(Bombs are definitely out.)


Have a dark little laugh today.  Really, it’s good for you!  (Happy Birthday, Dearest Daughter!)

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  • FrustratedStepmom

    OMG…I actually am LOL at this post!

    Maybe the porn searches are the Ex still up to his old tricks??? Heeheehee

    Aside from all that….A Very Happy Sweet 16 to your daughter. :o )

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