Parental Alienation Syndrome: A Personal History

Parents can be civil and hold their tongues, but still exude animosity and mistrust in one another’s presence, refusing any friendliness, refusing even to smile. [...]

Put Another Log on the Fire

The court hearing was behind me on the last morning and it was quiet, but for the birds, the light sleeping sounds of children, the crackling fire in the wood stove which I had built up when I woke, and the rhythmic tapping of keys. [...]

The Mother of the Easter Bunny

“Your son makes a fine Easter Bunny.” I looked around and vaguely recognized the form beneath the frumpy bunny suit hopping across the street with a line of knee-high children following, baskets swinging excitedly. [...]

The Court Hearing

Holy hand grenades, Batman, really? Grow up already. At forty-five shouldn’t a fella man-up and stop blaming others? [...]