What I Want for Mother’s Day

There is a Hallmark holiday just around the corner, Reader—Mother’s Day!  The card I want, however, isn’t from Hallmark.  Nope.  It is from my local domestic violence shelter.  The card costs fifteen bucks (a minimum donation), which I know is a lot for a greeting card.  However, this is no ordinary card.  It’s paper, sure, and has schmaltzy, sappy Mother’s Day text, but the real value in that fifteen smackeroos is that it draws us closer to a day when no mother living with violence will find herself faced with only two choices:  stay and take it, or live on the streets. That fifteen dollars joins the fifteen, or twenty, or fifty, or however many dollars, that other great people spend to honor their mothers, to make it such that women who find themselves in incredibly tight spots, as I once did, have a shot at a healthy future and at raising their children safely and well.  That is what I want for Mother’s Day. It is what all mothers should want.


Cards can be purchased from Doorways for Women and Families by clicking here.

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