Hello, Readers!

It’s officially spring break up in this piece. I can tell because the whining has already commenced.  I have ten full, grateful days with my children and I don’t expect there will be much time for writing.  To remove all pressure I am taking a little quality-time hiatus.  Wish me luck, sanity, wine, love and such, and I’ll post again once I get my wriggling whelps back to school on Monday, April 25th.

I have a court hearing on Friday of next week at which I am to appear by skype or phone.  (No short and costly trips to the Midwest this time!) This hearing is about the question of whether $40 per month is a fair amount for a small town attorney to pay to support his three children.  It looks mighty like he has indeed been cooking the books.  I would appreciate it if you would offer a little prayer or meditation for me Friday afternoon.  I’ll tweet as to the outcome since I likely won’t be able to post properly.

You may notice that I have recently added some new bells and whistles to the site in hopes of improving the “user interface.”  If you leave a comment now, CommentLUV will give those of you who are fellow bloggers the option of clicking a check box to create and display a link to your most recent post.  I have also added WordPress’s Jetpack which, among other things, will generate a hovercard if you use Gravatar—which I personally think is awesometastic. One other fun little diddy:  I added that little triangular page peel in the upper right corner to make subscribing friendlier (hint, hint). You may notice a few other fun tweaks, too—hope you like ‘em. (Many thanks to my chief technical adviser, unofficial webmaster, and good friend for all the support on these changes and so much else.)

Be sure to check out the blogs linked in the lower right sidebar and feel free to stalk me on Facebook, Twitter, and now StumbleUpon. Until the 25th—I wish you luck, sanity, wine (or tea or whatever you are into), love, and mercifully brief video clips of kittens, fluffy puppies, and babies, all doing extraordinarily cute things.

Images courtesy of my darling daughter, taken in our yard today. Ah, springtime!

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