A Musical Victory Lap

I realized rather belatedly that although I posted the good news elsewhere, I haven’t officially announced it here. That guy I call Ex got another healthy bitch-slap from one spunky redheaded Midwestern judge:

I have assembled a little musical celebration of divorce music to share with y’all.  (I’m living in the South now and I extend my most humble apologies to my Midwestern peeps who are generally inclined to poke me in the ribs for using the term “y’all.” Sorry, y’all.)


(Yeah, I know it’s a little heavy on the twang, but there are just so many pitifully appropriate country songs. My roots are showing.)

Did I forget a tune? Sing out, yo. (Comment below. C’mon, you know you wanna.)

I just had to come back and add this little gem after a certain very funny individual sent it to me “…because I’d rather spend eternity eating shards of broken glass than spend one more minute with you.”

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