Ex—Get Offa Our Cloud.

I’ve been sticking my Ex iPhone voodoo doll rigorously.  I am sure you want to know why so I’ll tell you:

My sixteen-year-old daughter happens to be both bright and industrious.  She is interested in and worried about the debt ceiling negotiations, and she has a plan of her own to remedy the debt situation long-term.

She made a video about it, and she posted that video to YouTube and to her blog.

Ex left a comment.  He thinks our daughter is very well-spoken. It’s a back-handed compliment which implies more about the speaker’s opinion of himself than about her. That isn’t the reason I’m sticking pins though.  It was his comment:  “You make your old man proud!”

(Daughter breastfeeding her father in prison.)Got drunk for the first time?

You make your old man proud.

Threw up in a public place?

You make your old man proud.

Stole a pack of cigs?

You make your old man proud.

(Point is—his standards obviously aren’t especially high.)

I’ll add that he has no right to take pride in any of her accomplishments. His biggest contribution to her life has been to periodically show up and make everyone unhappy and uncomfortable. The number of days he has spent in our community in the last eight years can be counted on one hand plus a finger or two. He has never even seen the girl perform, speak, or play. I guess he thinks that since he paid $100 in child support last month—more than he has paid in years—that he can publicly claim an ego boost from her accomplishments. I’m thinking he should get offa our cloud.

The worst part is that fail-dad’s version of praise embarrassed the girl. What decent dad in a tenuous relationship with his kid would refer to himself as “your old man,” a term that conveys both a lack of self-respect and presumes a lack of respect from the child? (I guess it is accurate.) By posting the comment he also linked to his YouTube account, Dumbass66. (Not really, but close.) The content of his channel makes it rather clear that my daughter’s “old man” is a Class-A Loser. Posted there are two fuzzy videos of bands in bars, presumably captured on his phone, with his drunken commentary. Also, there are two videos taken in the sort of snowstorm Midwesterners call a whiteout, while he was driving, also including inane commentary, (hopefully not drunken, but it’s hard to say).  Oh, and his one and only follower is his college drug dealer.

What a nice, supportive, well-meaning gesture as my daughter tries to make her go of things on the interwebs, don’t you think? Fouling his own life is one thing, but sabotaging hers? Rude. The sad thing is, he probably has no idea.  He’s probably patting himself on the back for doing some great fathering.


If you know us personally, the link to Sissy’s YouTube piece is posted on my personal Facebook page or you can drop me a note and I’ll send it to you.

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