Dear Annie: Should I Keep the Ex Tattoo?

Dear Annie,

When my ex and I got married, we got matching tattoos, (mine with his name and his with mine).  Our divorce was final last week. I am wondering what to do about the tattoo.  My ex is an okay dad, (compared to yours). I don’t want to upset my son (he is four) by erasing his daddy, but I’d like to start dating and it could be really awkward if I ever take my clothes off again.

What do you think I should do?


Angelina Jolie had "Billy Bob" lasered off after the break-up.


Congratulations on the finalization of your divorce and I hope the future holds much happiness as you build a different life than the one you thought you would.

Of course you want to handle your son’s feelings with sensitivity, but having the tattoo lasered off isn’t much different from taking off your wedding ring. You are fortunate to have an “okay” father in the picture so try to stay positive about him with your son and to support their relationship.

Oh, and don’t make the same mistake twice: Don’t get a partner’s name inked again!

Wish you the best,



Just for fun, Molly Kalafut has cataloged a list of celebrities who have memorialized their commitments in ink and lived to regret it.


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