Haters, Trolls, and Oh My.

Scout’s Honor over at The United States of Motherhood wrote a post yesterday, Haters, Trolls and Thank-Yous: Oh My. If you don’t already know Scout, she is a fellow ginger with a saucy sense of humor and an enviable marriage. She has had her share of trolls and was even attacked rather nastily by another [...]

Feeling Sorry

The post where Zeep gets suspended from school for sexual harassment on the day I don’t celebrate my birthday. (It’s all good.) [...]

Sven’s Messages

I imagine Sven’s message to have been, as Sarah suggested, to get more massages. “Take care of yourself, Mama”: It’s good advice. [...]

Who wants me dead?

I’ll give you until Sunday to figure it out on your own, then—this canary sings. [...]