No to Chinese Viagra? How About a Sugar Baby?

Somehow I would wager that none of you, Dear Readers, are in the market for either counterfeit drugs for hydraulically-challenged dudes, or for sugar baby boys. Welcome to the Wild Wild Web. [...]

Who Wants Some Viagra?

viagra jpg

Fake Viagra and technological promiscuity can get a gal in trouble: an apology. [...]

In My Blood

I was sitting in the hallway outside the tae kwon do studio watching my twelve-year-old son sweating on the other side of the glass when my cell phone rang. It was my home state area code and a number that wasn’t recognized. [...]

Happy Endings

Schwarzwaelder Leben, Fritz Reiss,

I’ve been checking up on a long lost friend. He’s sober. I just love happy endings, don’t you? [...]