dear readers

This morning I went to hunt up the Xanax bottle to check my supply and it took some serious time. I thought maybe I had disposed of it and then I found a lonely bottle in the back of the medicine cabinet, covered in dust. I left it there. It’s a sure sign that it’s been a good year. [...]

Who wants me dead?

I’ll give you until Sunday to figure it out on your own, then—this canary sings. [...]

Parental Alienation and Domestic Violence

Alienation can be a result of badmouthing or of bad parenting. It could also be that the alienated parent really is abusive, or that he/she is just an individual with poor parenting skills, little patience, or an adversarial personality. [...]

An open letter to the men of the Mens Rights Movement

I understand that many of you are the way you are because you yourself were victims, probably in childhood, possibly at the hands of your mothers whom you may still believe never loved you. It’s heart-rending, but you are grown men now, and responsible for your own choices. You can choose to perpetuate a tragic cycle or you can choose otherwise. [...]