Haters, Trolls, and Oh My.

Scout’s Honor over at The United States of Motherhood wrote a post yesterday, Haters, Trolls and Thank-Yous: Oh My.  If you don’t already know Scout, she is a fellow ginger with a saucy sense of humor and an enviable marriage. She has had her share of trolls and was even attacked rather nastily by another blogger in March of 2011. I weighed in. The other blogger advanced the idea that wives should offer sex on demand and if they choose not to, well, their husbands could easily find another willing party. (This idea is something Just With Me also reflected on recently as it pertained to her sense of self and the decline of her own marriage.)

Many of my fellow bloggers encounter trolls. Divorced Pauline has met some of the angriest and possibly craziest ruffians in the Wild West towns of the interwebz and has written extensively about their psychology and behavior.

Scout posted this clip and I had to share it too:

Thank you!


Hello Readers, this is just a quick little note-y post today.

First, thank you for the many recent thoughtful comments, emails, DM’s, and such.  I have the best online community a gal could ask for. I do.

The next ten days are going to be SUPER CRAZY BUSY.  (Kindest Man’s birthday, a grad party for Sissy’s BFF, a visit from two of my dearest sistahs—who are driving nine-hundred miles with two elementary school-aged kids to spend the better part of a week with us, plus Ex’s visit for Zeep’s promotion.)

This morning I went to hunt up the Xanax bottle to check my supply and it took some serious time. I thought maybe I had properly disposed of it and then I found a lonely bottle in the back of the medicine cabinet, covered in dust. I left it there. It’s a sure sign that it’s been a good year.

I won’t be able to write much but I will try to send and respond to tweets and emails, so keep in touch. Once the dust settles, I’ll put out a good update, probably on the 23rd.

In the meanwhile, my new favorite frenemy “Tyler Durden” left a comment on The Dark Lord… I responded and without dropping another F-bomb. Progress! Feel free to surf over, have a little read, and weigh in, with your customary aplomb.

Love, y’all!

On Unicorns and Rainbows

“That post didn’t show you in the best light,” he said.

You know what that means, Readers, right? It means: I didn’t like what you wrote. (Over yesterday’s angry rant.)

And it’s all right now (yeah)
I learned my lesson well
You see, ya can’t please everyone
So you got to please yourself —Ricky Nelson

To read the rest: clicky, clicky. →

The Dark Lord Cometh. Sorta.

Okay, he’s not exactly The Dark Lord, but it rather feels that way today.

We received a reply almost immediately to my email inviting Ex to come to Zeep’s upcoming promotion ceremony. The email was addressed to the boy and I was cc’ed. Ex wrote definitively: “I will be there.” His sister wanted to come too; and would the other children be available? To read the rest: clicky, clicky. →