The Letter

“It’s nice that he remembers me,” he said. “It’s just that it reminds me that he forgets me all the rest of the time.” [...]

“…But He’s Their Father!”

About his father, Zeep said, “He isn’t a good lawyer and he isn’t a good father. He isn’t even a good man.” He added that he doesn’t want to be either of the first two; lawyer or father. He has no choice but to be a man. Increasingly, he is on his way. He added, “I’m going to be a good one—a better one that he is.” [...]

What Happened Afterward

Last weekend Ex was to have been here and today, the weather makes a person want to grow and stretch toward the warm sunshine like a plant. [...]

When Dad Lets You Down

Ex lacks the testicular fortitude to stray into enemy territory. [...]