Hating Charlie Sheen

“Psychopaths can be utterly charming… until they get what they want.” [...]

An open letter to the men of the Mens Rights Movement

I understand that many of you are the way you are because you yourself were victims, probably in childhood, possibly at the hands of your mothers whom you may still believe never loved you. It’s heart-rending, but you are grown men now, and responsible for your own choices. You can choose to perpetuate a tragic cycle or you can choose otherwise. [...]

Meeting my archenemy

Speaking of Ex, I found myself wondering why he hadn’t joined the Men’s Rights Movement. The only reason I can think of is that there is no better way to see to it that you never get laid again, at least not without paying for it, than to join the cause. (Calling yourself the Bitter Divorcée seems to work, too.) [...]

The wronged wife

When I discovered my then husband’s extramarital transgressions, I was inclined to blame the women (yes, that is plural) that he had been involved with…. I’ll just fess up right now: I was downright nasty. In my anguish, I was cruel and vindictive and Ex—he belied his own character by turning these poor women, (some of whom he had confessed his love for), right over to his tortured, crazy, ruthless wife. [...]