“The Avengers,” Comic Book Superheroes, and Raising Boys Without Men

The Wonder Woman action figure that stands on Sissy's bookshelf. (Image filtched from her cool Instagram stream.)

Raising boys without men isn’t easy. Can superheroes help? Reflections on The Avengers, comic books, and the conversations they inspire. [...]

“…But He’s Their Father!”

About his father, Zeep said, “He isn’t a good lawyer and he isn’t a good father. He isn’t even a good man.” He added that he doesn’t want to be either of the first two; lawyer or father. He has no choice but to be a man. Increasingly, he is on his way. He added, “I’m going to be a good one—a better one that he is.” [...]


Mothering is hard, dammit. I’m doing the best I can possibly do. [...]

Where the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks Have You Been?

We sure can put the FUN in dysFUNction. Laughing is so much nicer than crying or shouting. [...]