We are increasingly close. We are friends *for real.* We are friends first, foremost, last, and—I hope—always. That feels incredible. [...]

The Letter

“It’s nice that he remembers me,” he said. “It’s just that it reminds me that he forgets me all the rest of the time.” [...]

Mother’s Day

Some narcissism is developmentally appropriate. Also, I know these kids love me and I also know they take me for granted and I know they will probably not ever fully appreciate what I do for them, the sacrifices I make. They will never fully appreciate how loved they are either, unless or until they have children of their own and maybe not even then. [...]

“The Avengers,” Comic Book Superheroes, and Raising Boys Without Men

The Wonder Woman action figure that stands on Sissy's bookshelf. (Image filtched from her cool Instagram stream.)

Raising boys without men isn’t easy. Can superheroes help? Reflections on The Avengers, comic books, and the conversations they inspire. [...]